Nathalie's Catering is consistently committed to making our environment healthier. Our day to day activities strive to become environmentally friendlier in both the preparation and execution of events.


The following are the mayor examples in which we have committed to make an ecologically friendlier operation:


 Reduce consumption of petroleum derivates such as plastic bags, containers.

 Include the utilization of biodegrable cleaning agents.

 Purchases are analyzed to maximize volume deliveries reducing fuel consumption and food waste.

 Minimize the use of paper by maximizing electronic mail and utilization of both sides for paper for printing.

 Installation of low flow water equipment where applicable.

 Replace cooking equipment with Energy Star Ratings as its usefulness expire.

 Reduce of the use of non-biodegradable through the use of natural products for disposable goods.

 Keep public areas at minimum settings for heat and cooling when not utilized.

 Recycle Toner and ink cartridges.

 Work with regional farmers for purchasing of sustainable food products.

 Support and encourage both vendors and associates to live and practice a ecological friendlier lifestyle.


Organic Menu:

In support of a healthier life style and organic farmers Nathalie's Catering offers organic menus.